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Perth, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Moving involves a lot of work especially when the movement is from one state to the other. Finding a dependable source that specializes in providing an option of DIY removals of household items is a challenge. The company provides container removals where the container would be left at the customers’ place for loading. Once the goods are packed and loaded, the container would be driven to the new address. The container can also be placed in a storage unit or shipped by sea across Australia. This service is extended by Fernandos Half Price Removalists which takes pride in providing top class removal facilities.

A container can be rented or bought from Fernandos and loaded with the all the household items. This would save a lot of money for the mover as they would do the loading and unloading of the goods. The company would only take the container and transport it to the new address. The service is provided across Australia and is a completely reliable source. They even have the facility to ship the products by sea. This facility is hard to find from any other provider. When there is a budget constraint choosing a container removal would be an asset.

Customers can obtain a quote before they freeze on a provider. The quote can be obtained by filling out the information about the movement and the competitive quotes would make it an ultimate choice. This service has helped many customers move across Australia without any damage to their goods. The company also extends insurance for the goods being shipped. It is simple to get a quote from the company and even simpler to opt for their services.

Fernandos Half Price Removalists is a family operated business in Australia. They specialize in providing container removals and interstate removals at a reduced price. Their services are highly beneficial as they cater to anyone who wishes to move in and around Australia. They also have the facility to transport the goods via road, rail and sea. This makes their service quite noticeable and hence is the recommended source when moving is imperative. Fernandos understands the need to save money and hence they have DIY container removals where the customer can pack and load the household goods. The company would leave the container for it to be loaded. Once the loading is done, the container would be taken over to the new address. The company would provide transport and takes responsibility for shipping it to the new address. They even have a storage unit facility in case the goods have to be retained within the state for a while. All these services are provided at half a price than the regular cost.

Get a free quote today to see how moving can be inexpensive. Log onto http://www.fernandoshalfprice.com.au to view the services offered for moving and the insurance details. For any other queries call on 1300 734 436.

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