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Loan Ranger Cash Gives Borrowers Greater Freedom


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Holiday sales, special vacations and big name concerts create a problem for many Australians. The discount or time sensitive prices are something that the consumer can afford, but their next pay day might not be for another week; however, waiting that long means a missed opportunity. Loanranger Cash is one of the few lenders that will provide a short-term cash deal to help consumers get money that they need for the things that they want.

Traditional lenders typically balk at giving loans to people for things that are not necessities, especially if the dollar amount is small. Consumers can try to get the money from friends or family, but that can be embarrassing, and that is not a guaranteed source of cash. With Loanranger Cash the purpose of the loan is less important than the borrower’s ability to repay, and the reason for the loan is a non-factor for most loan applications. Borrowers can seek loan amounts as little as $200, though borrowers can get loans of up to $1000 for larger purchases.

The process of receiving approval from Loanranger Cash begins with the online application at . The entire application process takes between five and twenty minutes, and a decision on the application follows soon afterwards, providing the borrower is able to supply the necessary documentation. All borrowers must be able to prove identity, proof of employment and proof of direct deposit, so it is a good idea for borrowers to have these documents handy before they begin the application process.

Capitalizing on a good sale price or a once in a lifetime event is hard for a lot of consumers, but the short term loans from Loanranger Cash mean that consumers no longer have to miss those opportunities. Because of the ease of access and competitive rates, Loanranger Cash should continue to be the leader for short term loans in Australia.

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