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Loan Ranger Cash Offers an Alternative to Credit Card Debt


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Consumer credit card debt is a critical problem in Australia, and more and more families are being crippled by credit card repayments. Often consumers get into credit card debt because of a financial emergency, and over time the charges start to pile up and overwhelm the family. Loan Ranger Cash, Australia’s leading payday lender, offers families an alternative to credit card debt and crushing interest.

The biggest problem with credit card debt is that consumers typically make their charges and drive up the balance on the account, all while only making minimum monthly payments on the account. A typical situation involves a family charging $500 on a credit card for a car repair, and making their small monthly payments. At a little over 15% interest, a standard rate for many major credit cards, the consumer will take well over a year to finish paying off the debt, assuming they make no more charges. A loan from Loan Ranger Cash is paid off in a single payment, but that means the fees and interest charges do not continue to add up, and the total repayment can be hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Potential borrowers can go to to see the full list of services offered. The application is completed online, and borrowers are given a decision about the status of their application in a matter of minutes, and if the application is approved the borrower receives the money on the same day. The borrower can also find a payment calculator that will detail exactly what the repayment to Loan Ranger Cash will be at the end of the loan term.

Though the accelerated repayment of a payday loan can be a hardship for some borrowers, the single large payment will help them save money in the long term. This alternative to traditional credit card debt makes Loan Ranger Cash a go-to lender for Australians in need.

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