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Loan Ranger Cash Offers Emergency Cash Service


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Every family suffers from temporary cash shortfalls, and the options to make ends meet are always limited. Many people in this situation are unable to borrow from traditional banks or even friends and family, and pawn shops offer such small amounts that families cannot rely on them for all of the cash that they need.

Loanrangercash, one of Australia’s largest payday lenders, has extended their emergency cash services to help families in trouble.

Payday loans are short-term cash loans that borrowers can receive based on future earnings that they will receive. During the process borrowers need only fill out a simple online application at , a form that can be completed in a matter of minutes. The borrow does need to supply proof of income, identification and proof of direct deposit, but there are no complicated financial forms in the application. Should the borrower find themselves in a similar situation in the future, the Loanrangercash “Silver Program” that offers lower fees and rates for future loans.

The repayment terms at Loanrangercash are very straightforward, and the borrower knows the total cost of the agreement before they ever take the money. For instance, the borrower can compare the total cost of a $300 loan (repayment of $372) with the cost of a $400 loan (repayment of $496). Since the borrower is given the total repayment from the start they can make more informed decisions about how much money they actually need and how much they are willing to borrow.

Applicants can use the money from Loanrangercash for any needs that they may have. Broken appliances, car repairs and school related emergencies now longer have to be a burden when borrowers can receive same day cash service for all of the little problems that life throws out. The ease of use and speedy delivery make the services at Loanrangercash stand out above the other lenders throughout Australia.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call (08) 9468 3999.