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Loan Ranger Cash Rewards Customer Loyalty


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- In a perfect world no one would ever need to take out a pay day loan, because they would always have the money that they need, when they need it. In a world that is far from perfect, pay day lenders like Loan Ranger Cash offer quick cash loans that can act as a bridge to help borrowers meet financial demands and fulfill their financial obligations. Loan Ranger Cash stands above the rest because of their customer focus and the rewards that they offer for customer loyalty.

The biggest problem with pay day lenders is the fees that borrowers are charged. The fees can be anywhere from 20-40% of the amount borrowed, and the borrowers are forced to pay because they have no other options. Even for small loans this amount can be devastating, and it is hard for borrowers to recover after they take out a sizeable loan. Customers who use will find a lender who is willing to help lower their loan fees.

Anyone who borrows and successfully repays a loan with Loan Ranger Cash is automatically enrolled in the Loan Rangers Club. This special loan program reduces the monthly fee of the next loan by 5%, which is a substantial discount in pay day lending. As the only lender in Australia to offer this program, Loan Ranger Cash gives borrowers the opportunity to keep more of their money if they are forced to make an emergency cash loan. In addition, Loan Rangers Club members also qualify for special discounts from Loan Ranger partners, which gives borrowers even more financial incentive to use Loan Ranger Cash.

Pay day lenders have gotten a bad reputation in the past several years, but Loan Ranger Cash is showing the good that pay day lenders can do. The responsible lending practices and the discounts to repeat customers make Loan Ranger Cash one of the most attractive short-term lenders in Australia.

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