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Loan Ranger Cash Takes Responsible Lending Seriously


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Over the last decade the pay day lending industry has grown by leaps and bounds all over the world. Borrowers find that they are in need of a short-term cash fix to a financial problem and they turn to a pay day lender to get them the money that they need, with no collateral or questions asked. Unfortunately many of these lenders have been predatory and they have caused more financial problems than they have solved because of the extremely high fees charged and the low standards for borrowers. At borrowers will find a company that takes responsible lending more seriously than many of its competitors.

The biggest problem for most pay day borrowers is that they are never able to recover from their first loan and so they have to take out a string of pay day loans just to stay afloat. These borrowers fall further and further behind, as the loan fees continue to pile up and they can never break the cycle. They wind up with hundreds of dollars in bank fees, bounced check fees and overdraft fees because there is never any money left over for them on pay day. Many of the borrowers become crushed by the burden of their loan debts and it takes years to recover.

At they take a different approach to pay day lending. Speed is always of the essence with short-term cash loans, so they make the process of applying easy and they have speedy approval; however, Loan Ranger Cash is also willing to turn down applicants who seem that they would be taking on an undue burden with the loan. Borrowers are then encouraged to find a different solution, so that a pay day loan does not become a debt they can never repay.

Loan Ranger Cash is proving that pay day lenders can offer their services and not prey on those who are in trouble. The responsible lending practices at make them a go-to destination for pay day loans.

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