Loans Site Announces Higher Amounts on Bad Credit Secured Loans is now allowing its customers to obtain up to $30,000 through bad credit secured loans. The interest rates are pretty low and applicants will be making significant savings on their overall costs.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- is a site that has been helping people to get some cash for various financial needs through a number of loan programs. It is now making it possible for applicants to cope with the current tough economic times by providing them with increased amounts of cash. The major requirement will be to provide details of some property that will be acting as security.

Over the last couple of months, the company has been involved in various system upgrades and persons going for these bad credit secured loans will be doing so hassle-free. They will first be filling out an application form through the internet and this will also be saving them some considerable amount of time. The highly intelligent platform will then be identifying a list of lenders who match the application details.

Consumers will be having a more personalized experience when shopping through the various quotes that they will be receiving. This is so because they will be making their own choices on the loan provider to get financing from depending on interest rate, terms and debt payment plans. They will be getting “non-binding” quotes and they will be freely choosing the particular one to go with.

When talking about this new offer, the spokesperson for said that, “We have created a platform that will be giving our consumers some piece of mind by allowing them to send in their inquiries easily and quickly. Five minutes should be enough for every person to send in his or her application for bad credit secured loans and we have efficient lenders who will be reviewing them.”

He also addressed the issue of safety by saying that, “It is our mandate to ensure that borrowers are able to enjoy the whole process straight from application to making their last payment. We have a team of experts that assists us in upgrading our system’s security to ensure that consumers are safe even from the newest threats. Our network is also full of genuine lenders and people should feel very safe when dealing with them.”

This site helps people to find online lenders with ease and it has been in the lending industry since 2011. It takes only some few steps to obtain financing including application, verification and approval. Its database currently holds a huge list of highly efficient lenders who consider even applications made by persons with credit issues. To" href="">get the bigger amounts on bad credit secured loans or learn more, visit>