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Lobbyist Firm Introduces Service to Ordinary Citizens

Now offering services to the little guy, Lobbyit continues to provide federal lobbying services in many practice areas to help anyone’s voice be represented in the government.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Lobbyit, a leading provider of lobbying services in Washington DC, has announced it is providing services to ordinary citizens and businesses. The Washington DC lobbyist provides a voice to make clients’ voices and concerns heard by Congress and others in the federal government.

Expanded service is available to any small business or individual. Constant changes in the law and regulations can have significant effects down the line. Anyone in any industry can be impacted. The firm will even represent self-employed individuals on important issues.

Operating on K Street in downtown Washington DC, the firm is close to the government and understands how laws are documented, drafted, and approved. Lobby It differs from other lobbying organizations because it offers reasonable rates. An even more diverse range of clients therefore have access to various types of services.

About Lobby It
Lobby It now caters to more than large organizations and corporations. Details on practice areas, pricing, and news from the Washington DC lobbyist are available online at

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