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Loberg's Book Is a Self-Help Guide Through Your Darkest of Times


Omaha, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Shandy Loberg of Omaha, Neb., is a survivor and she wants to help others in their sometimes perilous journey through life. Her new book, Surviving Life: How to turn Nightmares into Dreams, is a self-help guide that teaches people not just to survive, but also thrive.

Loberg is a rape victim who was also traumatized by her father’s sudden and untimely death, which led to a suicide attempt. “I share my story in this book,” she said. “I was able to step out of my darkness because of five elements in my life.”

“These elements woven together allowed me to survive the nightmares and turn them into something good. Through my own story, I hope to tell others how to weave these five elements into their lives to face the demons in their own nightmares, conquer them, and thrive emotionally, spiritually, and physically in spite of them.”

Loberg has poured her heart and soul into writing this motivational, self-help book. Now she is trying to generate the necessary funds to publish and promote it. Loberg estimates that she needs about $5,000 for editing, cover design, marketing and printing. But hopes for additional funds to launch a motivational speaking tour.

In order to raise money, she has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Those who would like to support this project can donate any amount through the Indiegogo page. Donations of $25 and more are eligible for perks, such as an e-version of the book, autographed hard copies of the book and T-shirts. For a $500 contribution, Loberg will make a one-hour motivational presentation at your organization, office or place of worship.

She wants to stress that supporting this self-help book not only helps her but others as well. “By financially supporting my book, you may be helping others in their nightmares,” Loberg said. “You may be helping the poor college student who is lying on the floor, crying from pain and shame.

“Or you may be helping the person at the end of a dark road contemplating suicide. You can help them see a way out. If my book can reach even one person and help them carry their heavy load of darkness and find the light, then you, too, will have helped that person.”

For additional information, visit or the Surviving Life Facebook page,

Loberg can be reached directly at

Surviving Life: How to Turn Nightmares into Dreams is a self-help motivational book that I wrote and it will be out in print in Sept, 2014.

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