Local Company, OdorXit Products, Elects a New President to Lead to More Successful Odor Elimination Worldwide


Hamilton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- New Presidential Reign…At OdorXit

Listening Systems, Inc. dba OdorXit has elected its long time Vice President, Deb McMillan, to serve as President. With Deb brings years of marketing experience from her 25+ years in the real estate investing market. With OdorXit, Deb’s plans are “growth”. Growth will come through opening up new markets that need odor elimination, friendlier web pages for customers, more written marketing and an APP for the smart phones to name just a few. Just search ‘odor elimination’ on your phones’ app store.

“With tough, hard to eliminate odors existing worldwide in residential to industrial properties more people than even are attempting to get rid of these odors without much success. Knowing about the success of OdorXit products means less cats and dogs given up for adoption because you can safely get rid of urine smells in carpet and hardwood floor and less houses sold at a loss because with OdorXit AQM (Air Quality Manager) they can get smoke and mold out of their houses before they paint.

“OdorXit products are also a solution for odors with hoarders who at clean up often have lots of stink in their homes”, says Deb McMillan, recently elected President of OdorXit. “And we guarantee our customers’ success to get rid of odors with OdorXit products or their money back.”

OdorXit has been selling via the internet odor elimination products since 1999. OdorXit products consist of four products. Three which eliminate – not cover up - odors forever and the fourth that eliminates re-occurring odors up to two weeks. Now you can rid your environment of urine, feces or vomit odors, mold or mildew, cigarette smoke or fire odors, viruses, bacteria and other airborne gases you don't like to smell. OdorXit provides safe and natural malodor elimination products worldwide to the general public, real estate investors, pet groomers, even vacuum cleaner stores and industrial users alike.

If you’d like further information on OdorXit Products for your personal or industrial use, please contact:

Martin Meyer, VP OdorXit Products
P.O. Box 805
Hamilton, Ohio 45012
Phone: 877-636-7948
Email: info@odorxit.com
Website: http://www.odorxit.com

Media Contact:
Deb McMillan