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Local Counselor Joseph D. Hayes Co-Writes Texas A&M Commerce Text Book


Mt. Pleasant, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Mount Pleasant Texas’ local counselor Joseph D. Hayes has teamed-up with Dr. LaVelle Hendricks of Texas A&M Commerce to write a book about anger management. The title of the book is "Managing Anger-Cool Anger Management”, which is also a book written to serve as a text book in the counseling department.

Anger is not always a bad emotion as long as it is not overused. It can be used as a motivational influence on ones behavior. It can also affect others in negative ways, and sometimes used to fuel negative aggressive behavior. However, there are people who can’t control their behavior while under the influence of anger, which often results to hurting others. The good thing is, there are already individuals and programs made that can help these people control their behavior while under the influence of that particular emotion. At present, one of the local counselors in Mount Pleasant Texas has co-written a book that contains vital information about anger management. It is an anger management text book that will help readers understand their anger better and how it can effectively be managed. It was Joseph D. Hayes also known as Counselor Joe, who was one of the co-writer of the text book. It is an accomplishment for him to have been a part of constructing this text book. He was the one who developed and trade-marked The Cool Anger Theory used in the book.

Joseph D. Hayes, the co-writer of the text book "Managing Anger-Cool Anger Management”, is a local counselor based in mount Pleasant, Texas. He has been licensed to practice his counseling services in the area since 1998. Hayes has already earned vast experiences in working in cases that involves behavioral and mental issues both in children and adults.

About Joseph D. Hayes
Joseph D. Hayes is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Mount Pleasant, Texas. He is the person behind The Cool Anger Theory and model that combines awareness, insight, educational, cognitive, and the most essential element, real life applications that can help the affected person to change. At present, he has already published three books and three DVDs.

For more information about Counselor Joe & the book "Managing Anger-Cool Anger Management” written by Dr. LaVelle Hendricks and Joseph D. Hayes, please feel free to visit Mr. Hayes website For inquiry on ordering the book, visit the website

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