Local Dwelling

Local Dwelling Creates Online Portal for Homeowners and Tenants


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Local Dwelling, one of the leaders in the property management industry that handles every aspect of the management, sales and leasing processes, ,makes it easier for homeowners and tenants to connect virtually through their online portal that can be accessed at http://www.localdwelling.com.

“We serve as the primary point of contact for all resident communication. Your account can be tailored to suit your needs and you are able to check your statement on line at any time. Our maintenance department coordinates all repairs and maintenance issues. There are no ‘mark-ups’ for this service and we work with the owner’s warranty company if applicable. We also have professional vendors who provide high quality work at reasonable prices,” the company head explains.

Residents or tenants are advised to create an account on Local Dwelling’s online portal to which they check their monthly statements at any time, report maintenance issues and repairs, leave a message to their landlords, and more. It’s a modern way of communicating and maintaining a solid relationship with homeowners whose properties they are living in.

Meanwhile, the owners’ portal is designed for homeowners who are willing to have their properties rented or leased. It aims to market the property through the web site, including other multiple associated real estate links, provide maximum property exposure so all local agents have access and information about the property, work with other agents in order to find a qualified resident in the shortest amount of time, and ensure your property marketed to active realtors.

Through these easy-to-use portals, Local Dwelling has built a comprehensive listing of properties for rent and has attracted a lot of residents to avail of their services. “Local Dwelling has one of the most comprehensive lists of rental properties in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. Our experienced agents know the DFW real estate market thoroughly. Our realtors include market analysis reports that show pricing of the homes in neighborhoods you want to live. Renters can be assured that they are getting a fair price on a quality home that meets their unique needs,” he adds.

Local Dwelling ensures that landlords can partner with a Dallas Fort Worth residential property management company that can help them fill vacancies quickly, with qualified, responsible tenants. At the same time, it provides genuine care and support to tenants about their needs when it comes to rental property management. For more information, visit http://www.localdwelling.com.