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Local HVAC Wiz Shares Solutions for Hot & Cold Spots in Homes

Residents can learn tips on balancing airflow


Saint Peters, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2019 -- Summers in the greater Missouri area can be real scorchers. For this reason, homeowners are relying on their central air more than ever. But when hot and cold spots start popping up, worried residents start calling Jerry Kelly to schedule AC repair in St. Charles County, MO, and beyond.

And that's great! However, the need for AC repair is not always imminent. To assist with summer AC maintenance, the company shares five self-checks residents can perform prior to calling for assistance.

-Make sure all windows are shut and locked to prevent air leakage.
-Replace dirty air filters for better flowing air.
-Schedule professional air duct cleaning.
-Be sure vents are fully open.
-Close vents in unoccupied rooms so air is redirected to other spots.

If a homeowner continues to experience uneven temperatures throughout the home, it's possible something more serious is affecting the airflow. With years of experience in cooling and heating, Jerry Kelly can diagnose the reason for improper airflow.

Here are the top five reasons homeowners experience hot and cold spots in their homes:

-Homes with the wrong size AC system will experience unbalanced air temperatures.
-Improperly placed thermostats can lead to inaccurate readings.
-Excessive or direct sunlight into a room will heat up a space quicker and cause warm spots.
-Old or damaged ductwork can cause air to leak out of ducts before it reaches indoor space.
-Poor or outdated insulation can leave rooms feeling warmer or cooler than they should.

The good news is homeowners who experience these cooling issues or need central air repair in West County, MO, can trust the professionals at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning to arrive at customers' doorsteps with solutions in hand.

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