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Local Law Firm Offers Free Bankruptcy Counseling

Attorneys Chang & Carlin reach out to help Joliet area citizens struggling with debt


Joliet, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Top rated bankruptcy law firm Chang & Carlin announced recently their offer of free telephone consultations and a copy of partner David Chang's latest book, "Bankruptcy: 12 Things You Should Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy" to local area residents considering bankruptcy proceedings.

Illinois bankruptcy policies are intended to provide relief for people battling the twin pressures of creditors and mounting debt. When a person's financial liabilities far outweigh their resources, often their best recourse is to be declared bankrupt. Unfortunately many people fail to recognize the benefits inherent in bankruptcy, which is the primary motivator behind Chang & Carlin's community outreach. Chang & Carlin have helped over 10,000 individuals with bankruptcy proceedings in the Chicago area alone.

"Bankruptcy has negative connotations for many people who view it as shameful," says David Chang. "This is unfortunate, because the bankruptcy laws of the great state of Illinois are mercy laws. They're there to help people who have become overwhelmed by fast growing debt in a stagnant economy. They're there to stop the creditors from ringing the phone at all hours of the day and night. They're there to provide citizens overwhelmed by debt with a helping hand."

When people consult with a bankruptcy lawyer in Joliet they become the recipient of the attorney's knowledge of Illinois bankruptcy law, which admittedly can be confusing, particular to the uninitiated. Says Chang. "There are several key benefits to filing for bankruptcy," continues Chang. "Bankruptcy allows a person to clear their slate, so to speak. They get control over their debt, financial counseling, and a fresh start. Depending upon whether a person chooses to file chapter 7 or chapter 13, they may even be able to keep their assets. The most important thing is that the debt disappears and life returns to normal. Also, contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to rebuild one's credit score following bankruptcy. The black mark on a person's credit record does not stay there forever."

There are two types of bankruptcy proceedings that a person may seek, chapter 7 and chapter 13. Determining which chapter suits a person's circumstance best is one of the primary reasons for consulting with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Joliet. Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Joliet differs considerably from chapter 7. Determining the best type of bankruptcy for an individual and his circumstance is one of the primary reasons people are advised to seek expert help. A person's income level, the number and type of their assets, and even the kind of debt they owe all factor into determining if bankruptcy is a viable option for them and if so, which chapter is best in a given circumstance.

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