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Local Optometric Practice Brings Advanced Eyecare Tech to Fulton

Dr. Vann: “New Optomap Is The Most Accurate Retinal Scan Ever”


Fulton, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2015 -- Dr. James W. Vann of VisionArts Eyecare Center, a local Fulton optometric practice with a reputation for high-tech, forward thinking patient care, is proud to introduce the latest cutting edge technology in retinal imaging, the OPTOS Optomap wide-angle scanning device.

"The Optomap ultra-wide field retinal imaging device takes a panoramic digital image of the retina using laser technology," explains Dr. Vann, "In mere seconds, it provides an in-depth view of the retinal layers where disease starts."

Imaging technologies similar to the Optomap have traditionally been limited to scans that produce an image of only about 15% of the retina. The OPTOS Optomap is superior in that it is able to accurately capture an image of around 80% of the retina, providing a detailed picture of the patient's eye and crating a permanent photographic record for the medical file, which provides comparisons for tracking and diagnosing potential disease, allowing the doctor to review each patient's retinal image with them during their exams.

Dr. Vann recommends that every one of his patients receive an Optomap wide-angle scan, "Every patient can benefit from the Optomap retinal screening. We are able to detect, with higher accuracy and at an earlier stage than ever before, eye conditions such as Age-related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, Hypertension and Ocular Melanoma. And since the retina is the only place in your body where blood vessels can be seen directly with such clarity, signs of stroke, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other systemic diseases can also be detected with the Optomap scan. "

The OPTOS also puts a noticeable focus on maximizing patient convenience and eliminating patient discomfort. The optomap scan is quick and completely painless. To capture the image, the patient looks into the device one eye at a time. A comfortable flash of light flashes as the image of the retina is taken. Dilation drops are not required and the patient experiences no side effects.

As a final thought, Dr. Vann adds, "The most exciting aspect of the Optomap is that it provides a better alternative to dilating the eyes for examination and preserves a digital image for future review. Everyone knows an image is worth a thousand words or handwritten drawings. The ability to provide the best care in the world for my patients, improve our efficiency in doing so and maintain a high tech reputation in the process are the attributes of the Optomap that made this investment easy.

For more information about the advantages of the Optomap wide-angle scan, contact Dr. Vann today.