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Local Search Marketing Myth? Programmer Provides New Information

Network Empire LLC Programmer says:"Google's shift to local search leaves small businesses seeking solutions for Local Leads. New course and software fills the void.


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- While many marketers and small business owners struggle to keep up with the constant changes in Google's local search program- an enterprise level programmer provides a contrarian local leads marketing blueprint .

Matt Da Cruz shared in a recent webinar, "As a programmer and manager for a multi-million dollar call center, I see most local search efforts being wasted on lack of knowledge."

With technical infrastructure shifting around inside the Googleplex with Google Places and Google Plus merging, Da Cruz believes many local marketers get distracted from what is really important- collecting and selling local leads.

Da Cruz added, "Website Silo Architecture and the precise Google local citation strategy that we teach makes it easy to rank for local keywords, but knowing what to do with a large volume of leads is how most people fall down."

Network Empire Software company has noticed an increase of help desk requests around the area of local search marketing. Questions are about Wordpress themes and plugins, SEO strategies, Google rules and regulations and much more.

The Network Empire Team responded to these overwhelming number of local marketing 'help desk' questions by creating a Local Leads webinar that ended up turning into a full blown e-learning course by popular demand.

Network Empire CEO Sue Bell also revealed another reason for the popularity of the Local Leads Empire course. "The majority of Google search engine result page has become a virtual local directory, and people don't know how to handle it. This course and software is a hedge against these updates.

Russell Wright
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