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Local Software Company Offers More Freebies; Adds Word Generator to Extensive App Library


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- SDR (Software Development Resource) has been serious about their business methods since inception but a lot of stuff that happens behind the software development phase  isn't always strictly serious. To sample the team's capability to handle every single type of software, they have recently released another addition to their app library. The call it a Word Generator and it does what it claims to do.

Meet SDR's Fun Side

Seeing that most people think of software companies as boring and full of the usual strictly-business only format of transactions, it's hard to imagine a startup tackling something like a game-related app.

SDR has been known to produce customized software solutions meant to be used by businesses such as inventory or management programs since its inception but their global staff also has a combined experience in various fields including mobile game and app development. With that reason, the free word generator came to life.

This project was spearheaded by one of their international developers all to address the stress in a highly taxing environment. The fun of playing the game of scrabble or Words with Friends has been a hit in the office for some time, and more so elsewhere with the use of very affordable and portable smartphone devices.

This generator that SDR has come up with can somehow act as a cheat sheet for those who wish to ace the difficult rounds. Developers also had little children still at play or preparatory school learning their first few words and phrases.

So aside from entertainment, the app is also absolutely educational.

Company Efforts

“While we're still sprouting, our combined experience tells us that change constantly happens for such a fast-paced market such as ours,” says Steven Coluido, company President and adds further “so we have made it a point to always do testing and even release updates for some of our free software to keep them from the times, safe and ready for download.”

He also invites readers to participate in their social media accounts as their team would focus on these platforms to announce new freebies, special offers and facilitate technical support.

About Software Development Resource
Their team of talented software engineers, programmers and developers have a combined experience of 30 years in the industry. They started as a small shop and quickly grew to now include team members from around the world. They believe that showcasing their talent with the introduction of free useful software programs is a way to help the community and increase their productivity. SDR offers custom software solutions to streamline businesses.

Steven Coluido
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