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Local Tech Software Excites User-Base with New Free MKV Converting Software


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Software Development Resource, Oregon-based software developing startup, teases with an experimental converter called MKV to AVI which does instant conversion of open source .mkv files to the more popular and supported .avi files.


AVI was developed first, in 1992 by the ubiquitous Microsoft. Given its developer's stature, .avi had been readily accepted by the masses.

Like MKV files, it is also a digital container format but only limits capacity to both audio and video format. MKV files was made as a slight to other container formats due to their limited capabilities.  Wrapper formats has since evolved and had been a widely popular alternative for multimedia file users.

AVI was more popular and even these days still have a good share of the market [given their associate with Microsoft] but MKV has struggled its way with a more capable platform.

Not many may be familiar with MKV files though as these are commonly the play-terms of more advanced video format users and producers, nevertheless in layman's terms, .mkv file types are more complex and need more know-how in order to be operated. Its own website, lists ways for it to be opened in a normal procedure but alongside the list is a line of programs [some still needed to be sourced somewhere like downloadables] just to create one.

AVI files on the other hand just need codec support for Windows Media Player and even some media players are known to open and almost any other file type.

For those without this capability, an mkv to avi converter makes sense since it's easily obtainable,

SDR's foray into this field has given more people, reasons to get one without forking out any cash. Drag and drop functionality is on and presetting for Xvid fullscreen or Widescreen and MS Compatible AVI are both possible.

About Software Development Resource
Their team of talented software engineers, programmers and developers have a combined experience of 30 years in the industry. They started as a small shop and quickly grew to now include team members from around the world. They believe that showcasing their talent with the introduction of free useful software programs is a way to help the community and increase their productivity. SDR offers custom software solutions to streamline businesses.

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