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Local Teenager's Traumatic Accident Has an Important Lesson to Offer

How Brake, The Road Safety Charity, Stepped In To Assist The Family Of The Accident Victim


East Lothian, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- For Robbie Thomson, a local teenager, June 05, 2014 looked like another normal day but disaster struck within 10 minutes after he set out for work. He was grievously injured in a head-on collision with a bus at the junction of the A198 & Dean Road, Longniddry.

For the friends and family members of Robbie and for the other locals, it took a while for the shocking news to sink in. In the meantime, the Driving School ' Driver Training' got in touch with his family and offered support through 'Brake, The Road Safety Charity', that supports families and friends who have been struck by a bereavement or such severe traumatic incidents. Davidson Davidson, CEO of said "whilst we really felt distraught & helpless for Robbie, it is so easy to forget the torment and emotional pain of those left picking up the pieces from such a life changing event."

The event has induced the Driving Instructors to embark upon giving a few free lessons for a week to their Learners for a nominal donation to the Brake Road Safety Charity '2Young2Die". Amazingly, they could raise the targeted amount of £500 within 5 weeks which is 7 weeks earlier than the planned duration.

This money will be used for training more volunteer councillors and support workers for educating those who are struck by such traumatic and life-changing events as to support is always available for them for coping with such situations.

Robbie is still in the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh and whilst nurturing his broken back & neck with a fixed head frame bolted into his skull, he is recovering at a remarkable speed. He emotionally observed 'After reading about it from the online news, I am grateful for the support given to my Mum, Dad & Family. Its weird the people you don't suspect are the ones that do the most'.

Robbie received the cheque issued by Brake and before driving again, will be providing Robbie with some Advanced Driving Lessons along with a few effective confidence building exercises.

About Driver Training is a modern Driving School with a passion to teach Learner Drivers to not only Pass the Driving Test, but to have real abilities to handle real-life situations. Davidson said "we often hear the term 'you learn to become a driver after you pass your test', however, for some this could be too late. We believe that Learners should be taught these things before passing the driving test, using planing & awareness techniques that are normally associated with Advanced Tests. By using these unique methods our Learners can drive with confidence and skill, which gives them more confidence in their ability and using risk management to keep them safe." People may tend to think that acquiring these additional abilities will cost more, but compared to the national average Learner, Learners can save between £270-£360 on full price driving lessons.

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