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Local Texan Indie Comedic Actor Proud to Announce New Challenging Role

Bill Cox will lead the indie mini-series “The Experience,” a thriller set to release in mid 2014


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- Local Texan and proud Sunday School teacher, Bill Cox, will take lead role in writer/director Dwayne McCollough's independent series called “The Experience.” It is set to release mid-2014 (probably between Spring or Summer) and will feature an “Angels and Demons” type of stylized thriller. Bill will take up the role of Luis Ceipher (or Lucifer) for the mini-series.

More on Bill
Originally from Michigan, he stayed in Texas as part of his ministry to facilitate a men's only classes called “Man Up” that happens every Sunday at Sugar Land Baptist Church in Sugar Land, Texas. After seeing a few of his clips for a different role, Mawa Ketai, the assistant director for “Experience” was reluctant but further stated “When I first saw Bill, I thought, WOW, didn't know this man could play evil...”

It might be odd at first because of his Sunday religious-affiliated duties but to his students, he is also known as an actor, DJ, Writer and Producer. He has been involved in a lot of shows all his life and is also currently a DJ/producer for DJU Productions in Houston. As an indie artist, he started his career out as a writer of books and later on screenplays and film. For DJU, he started out as a DJ and MC for event. He went on performing live on stage as either a DJ or MC for weddings and large corporate events and now is a Producer of Events for DJU Productions in Houston, Tx.

Speaking of the role he says “I do act, but the Lucifer role is all new to me. This will be the most challenging role I've ever had.”

Why? Because unknown to some, Bill has already starred in the indie feature movie “Beer & Seed.” This film has been nominated best indie feature for 2012 by the C-47 Magazine in Houston. It was even rated 4.3 out 5 stars by the Texas Standardized Independent Rating System. Bill's comedic chops have also been greatly honed by other mediums such as his urban dance poetry song “I love the Fat Chicks” which are still up on YouTube if interested viewers want samples.

The Casting and Collaboration
Jumping from the Comedy genre into a rather more serious one is a difficult path to choose but Bill credits himself as someone who likes to do different things (which is proven by his DJ and Sunday school teacher lifestyle).

He was originally cast for an MC role in a club scene within the series which greatly coincides with his expertise. In relation to the scene he blurts out “I just finished up my DJ gig in front of a huge crowd in a Downtown hotel, drove over to the set and MC’d on camera the next 6 hours. Same Tux, easy.” But his meeting with Mawa, the assistant director made all the difference. Mawa apparently saw something else in him and convinced Dwayne to recast so Bill got the bigger role and became Luis Cipher.

From then on, the collaboration blossomed and Bill expects the series to be as awesome as his past endeavors.

About Bill Cox
To see more of Bill Cox, “Beer & Seed” (, a college comedy about an older student who returns to college for a second chance which doesn't go well, it is still available on Comedy Hip-hop “I Love the Fat Chicks” is also available on iTunes and CD Baby. His other projects include movies, commercials, poetry, and an upcoming industrial on Obamacare: The Affordable Healthcare Act. Bill Cox is also on Facebook.


Bill Cox
Texas, USA