Local Web Developer Offering Free Web Design to Non Profits and Charities


Riverton, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Internet and digital marketing expert Tyson Downs is offering free website design work for non profit organizations and charities (NP) through the end of the year.

“Non profits are struggling. Money is tight and donor funds are just not what they used to be,” he said. “Non profits really need to be spending their money on their real purpose for existence, not on designing a web page.”

Non profit groups interested in this work must go through a no-charge application process, available from the website, Titan Web Agency, formerly known as SEOBulldog. Mr. Downs said the number of free website designs will be limited because he doesn’t have the staff to offer this to every non profit agency.

He said non profits often give more back to the community and people they serve than they take it. He and his family have personally experienced this.

“My family has been greatly blessed by non profits. Our 13-year-old developmentally disabled has received a tremendous amount of help from various organizations. These groups have also helped my whole family as we all learn and grow,” he said. “I have personally seen how a non profit’s paid staff often spends plenty of time volunteering outside of work. It’s not just about the money. Time, physical and mental effort are major parts of their missions as well.”

By stepping up to offer the free web design service, Mr. Downs said he’s freeing the NP’s much-needed resources for other work.

“Like you, I can’t contribute money to every organization that needs money no matter how much I might want to. And, just like you, I can’t respond to every request for volunteers on a certain day and a certain place,” he said. “But what I can do is take my abilities and put them to work in the best way I know how - free web design.”

A NP does need to have a domain or subdomain and a place to host the created website.

“I can help pick out a website host company if the non profit needs one. Some host companies offer discounts to non profits and a few might even have free domain hosting,” he said. “You’ll still have to buy a domain if you need one, or piggyback as subdomain on another one.”

Fortunately, many NPS can piggyback on the state, national or international parent organization for a website. At the same time this piggyback means websites might have to adhere to specifications from the parent group.

“That’s not a problem. If your main headquarters requires certain things be incorporated into the web design, we can handle that. We’ll design the site and make sure everything that needs to be on it is there. Then, we’ll send you the access information which you can pass along to whoever makes the final decision,” he said. “We do all this before the website goes live. When the public gets to see the pages, they are precisely as they should be.”

Mr. Downs encouraged other people to see what they can do to help NPs in their area, beyond just giving money.

“Everybody can do something. Maybe you can spend a few hours a week or a month answering phones. Maybe you can put letters in envelopes. Maybe you can run errands once a week,” he said. “Everyone has abilities than can be put to use.”

Non profits are working to make a difference in this world, he said. By offering the free design, Mr. Downs said he’s just giving back to these groups.

For more information or to find out about his free NP web design work, please visit Titan Web Agency or call 801-210-2927.

Tyson Downs
Titan Web Agency
(801) 210-2927