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How many parents out there have had to deal with teenage drunk drivers at least once? Not surprisingly, roughly 35% of all parents have had this experience.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- cares about teens and wants to help them avoid this behavior by offering several suggestions, including:

- Facts about Teens & DUI
- Learn by Example
- Ride Options

Drunk Driving and Teens Statistics
The number one killer of U.S. teens is driving while drunk. In 2010, 40% of alcohol-related incidents were caused by drinking and driving teenagers. A teenage boy whose blood alcohol content (BAC) is well under the legal limit of 0.08% is 18 times more at risk of having a single car accident than his sober counterparts, and a teen girl is 54% more likely to have one. This sounds scary, but take some comfort in the fact that, over the past20 years, teenaged drunk driving incidents have decreased significantly.

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SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) originally formed to keep young people from drinking and driving. Its mission has since expanded, now including avoidance of illicit drugs, sexually explicit or dangerous behavior, and other destructive actions. It was the first such organization to answer “what is drunk driving?” not just for students, but for their parents as well. Simply put, the answer is “driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol exceeding 0.08% BAC”. There is a chapter of SADD in most schools.

Teens Learn by Example
Teens watch their parents all the time, even if they aren’t aware of it. When kids grow up in a home where mom and dad have a couple of beers and then stop drinking, they learn that it’s okay to do that. Teenage drunk drivers also learn by the example of their elders, and if teens see adults drinking and driving, they’ll do it, too. The influence of grown-ups on teens is incredible, so parents must realize they are under scrutiny all day and take care to be good role models.

Avoiding Teen DUI
Drinking and driving teenagers often think they are far less drunk that what they really are, so they hop behind the wheel of their cars and drive. This usually ends up in an accident or an arrest. Parents get involved and it can get very uncomfortable for everyone. Teens must realize that there are options such as calling a taxi, asking a sober friend for a ride, or even calling mom or dad to come get them, no questions asked, to get them home safely. Talk to teens about these choices and save a life.

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