Lock Bumping Website Provides New Bump Key Sets That Users Are Calling “Better Than anything else on the market”


Fort Walton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2011 -- Lock bumping is only as quick and easy as the tools used. A new bump key site has just been relaunched with better equipment and cheaper prices.

But what is lock bumping? Lock bumping is a simple way to pick a lock. A specialized key is inserted in to a pin-tumbler lock, turned slightly and a soft ‘tap’ is applied to the back of the key and almost magically, 90 percent of pin-tumbler locks will be opened.

But lock bumping is not as easy as it sounds. There are a number of poor quality bump keys and bump key hammer sets on the market. Where most people go wrong is the all important soft ‘tap’ which can lead people to literally start hammering on the back of a key to get a result.

The site Bump Key sells only top of the line bump key sets and has now added a bump key hammer to the set to make opening tumbler locks more efficient and effective. The bump key hammer gives lock bumpers the maximum chance of opening a lock on the first tap of the key. What Bump Key has done in response to the growing demand for quality bump key hammers is to make a set with a bump key hammer already included and at a discounted price. The site also offers other essentials such as a bump key lubricant and a comprehensive how-to book about lock bumping.

Lock bumping is often presented negatively by the media as a way criminals can get access to people’s homes. This negative perception even includes the how-to videos and the lock bumping websites. But this negative perception is unwarranted and most of the information heard on the news is simply not true. The founder of the Bump Key said, “The majority of lock bumping sets are used by law enforcement agencies and more and more everyday people are buying lock bumping sets to test out the strength, durability and quality of their locks around the house.” The site also includes a list of bump proof locks for the safety conscious.

Everything bought from is made right here in the USA and the keys are made out of the highly durable metals Solid Brass, Nickel Plated Brass and Nickel Silver.

Lock bumping sets are becoming a sound investment in the overall security of a home.

To learn more about how to bump locks and to get the best quality products and advice please visit today.