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Locked but Not in Chains: Natural Hair Gift Ideas for the Loc'd Loved One


Homewood, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2014 -- Online retailer Loccessories by K. Hill has announced the addition of a new natural hair gift set for holiday gift-giving to their inventory of products on

African-American men and women are driving the natural hair market to unprecedented growth. Experts predict that by 2017, the industry could grow to $500 billion in annual sales of hair care products, natural hair accessories and styling tools. As interest in natural hairstyles grows, events like natural hair expos held across the United States are drawing hundreds to thousands of attendees and creating new opportunities for merchants.

Men and women who choose to wear natural hairstyles require specialty products to keep their hair in good health and well maintained. This is especially true of dreadlock hairstyles, which pose unique challenges for cleaning, maintenance and styling. As a result, men and women with dreadlocks look for specialty products to help simplify caring for their natural hair.

Loccessories has been an innovator in the development of tools and accessories made especially for dreadlock care and maintenance. The company introduced a unique Dreadlock Shampoo Brush with extra wide teeth and an ergonomic handle that simplifies scrubbing and cleansing dreadlocks. The company also pioneered the "Original Ouchless Snagless InstaLoc" for Dreadlock Maintenance to help men and women keep their hairstyles maintained without causing damage to their tender tresses.

The Love My Locs Dreadlocks Essential Kit & Gift Set for Dreadlock Maintenance is the newest product from Loccessories. The gift set was developed to help meet the growing demand for holiday gifts for men and women with dreadlocks. The set includes both the "Original Ouchless Snagless InstaLoc" for Dreadlock Maintenance and the Dreadlock Shampoo Brush, which have earned positive reviews on online marketplaces and created a buzz in the natural hair community. The gift set also provides other accessories that are considered essentials among those with dreadlocks, including a conditioning cap, a beaded dreadlock tie accessory and two open-ended ponytail holders. A natural linen drawstring bag is included for storage.

Currently, the Love My Locs Dreadlocks Essential Kit & Gift Set for Dreadlock Maintenance is available for purchase on Amazon. The set retails for under $50. For guaranteed delivery by December 25, 2014, orders for the gift set must be placed by DATE.

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Founded in 2011, Loc-cessories is an online retailer of accessories made for natural hairstyles. The company was founded by K. Hill, a member of the natural hair community, to meet the needs of men and women foregoing relaxed hairstyles in favor of styles that accentuate curls, coils and kinks. Loccessories' mission is to celebrate the beauty of locs with stylish hair accessories that anyone can love and appreciate. The store carries handcrafted loc beads, loc cuffs, loc jewelry, loc ties, men's hair accessories, bridal accessories and hair care tools for maintaining dreadlocks. The company is based in Honolulu, HI and ships to locations worldwide. Loc-cessories also maintains a website that provides hair care tips, news about natural hairstyles and resources for the natural hair community.

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