Log Bag Offers Easy Transport for People of All Ages

The firewood carrier is a favorite among campers and travelers especially who prefer the convenience of carrying wood without the hassle.


Southampton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Carbon Inc. has a product that is helping people all over the world transport their firewood in a more safe and smart fashion. The Log Bag from Carbon Inc. is answering the call for those who wish to avoid cuts and splinters and wasted time in moving firewood from one location to another.

The Log Bag features long straps that are made of heavy duty polypropylene webbing, which have durable bound edges for easier carrying. The Log Bags are also made of 100% waterproof material. They come in a forest green color and have a large capacity 6048 cubic centimeters floor with a dimension of 60x58x30 cm.

The deluxe quality Log Bag folds up for easy storage and is helping people avoid extra messes to their household floors, walkways and clothing. The Log Bag is designed with a closed end so that smaller pieces of dirt and bark do not fall out.

The Log Bag is made with sturdy construction using a super heavy duty 600d fabric. An extra benefit of the Log Bag is the coated interior which keeps moisture at bay, and wipes clean easily. Amazon.Com is selling the Log Bag and each order includes free shipping and a money back guarantee.

Learn more by visiting. http://www.amazon.com/Deluxe-Log-Bag/dp/B00HNFJSEE