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Logan Arceneaux's Debut Single "Stronger" Picked Up by Female Flow for Distribution


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Logan Arceneaux remains a fun-loving, outgoing, high energy 16-year-old singer/songwriter/actress despite the excitement and pressure she’s under living her dream to be a renowned artist in the music industry! She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and is now living in California. Logan has grown her fan base all over the world through social media and it continues to grow exponentially. When asked how Logan feels about having fans from all over the world she stated, “I love my fans, they are awesome! It’s really cool to follow them too.” Logan’s management team has definitely found unique ways to get their artist out there. Posts on Facebook alone go viral every week since the artist started being promoted. Logan Arceneaux is being promoted by Shelton Management and Mike Precise with Rawefeed Entertainment. Some weeks the artist, Logan Arceneaux, is exposed to over half a million people all over the world due to the dedication and loyalty of her fans.

Logan started a Reverbnation page and has hit numbers some weeks as low as #5 locally and top 100 globally and nationally for singer/songwriter division. It has been interesting to watch the progression of this artist’s career as she releases her very own music. Logan is beginning to get even more excited these days. Her debut single titled “Stronger” has been picked up by Female Flow for a mixtape that will be distributed in the next couple of months. It has also been picked up nationally and globally by some radio stations. The genre of this song is a combination of R&B pop and Hip Hop. Logan plans to have the video completed by an undisclosed producer by the end of May and her management team will release it on YouTube and Itunes. Logan has been singing a variety of covers, that she herself enjoys, for her fans while awaiting the release of her very own music. These covers have been not only welcomed by fans all over the world but even played in some of the local restaurants of Los Angeles.

The response to her sound has been totally amazing. And a unique sound she has indeed! Logan recently has publicly performed at House of Blues in Los Angeles for their Tuesday Night Acoustic Jam night in West Hollywood and booking venues now for the end of this year.

Logan found her love for singing in elementary school and sang in her school chorus throughout her middle school years. Logan showcased her angelic voice by performing in numerous competitions throughout the country. In 2012, Logan moved to California from Georgia to pursue her dream with full support from her mother. Logan Arceneaux landed her first audition within the first week of her touch down in L.A. and has been moving closer towards her dream ever since. Logan has been perfecting her craft under the guidance and mentoring of GeneSoul Productions, 7 time Grammy nominated producer-Haskel Jackson who is considered a Hollywood icon to most. Shortly thereafter, Haskel began Logan’s journey through the music world in Hollywood as both teamed up to perfect Logan’s skills by artist development techniques and intense vocal training sessions that continues to bring out the best artist within Logan Arceneaux.

Logan and Haskel have been producing different covers of popular songs and has made them her own, which has gained notoriety throughout Logan’s music networks and has gained a world wide fan base quicker than most new upcoming artists. She has even had the chance to work with others in the industry under his direction, such as Tony Williams, one of Kanye West’s backup singers.

Logan is happiest when she is singing in the studio and working with Haskel on her very first album which is in the making. Logans covers have been posted on SoundCloud and are now being listened to in just about every country since the inception of the page four months prior. NEW Videos on YouTube are being released spaciously throughout Logan’s social networks to prepare the music industry for Logan Arceneaux’s original works which Logan has already been in preparation and release.

Haskel Jackson, 7X Grammy Nominee, is the Founder and CEO of Haskel Jackson Entertainment., Genesoul Productions, Dream Soul Records, PAI Stations, the Genesoul Music Lab in Hollywood, Ca., and the Unsigned Artist Network Show “New Stars Of Hollywood” (along with Rena Phillips) where he develops and produces seasoned and emerging artists and students from all musical backgrounds and genres. Being a Native of Los Angeles Ca. Haskel has created a network pool that has become a necessity amongst industry folk from near and far.Haskel developed, taught and ran the Kanye West Foundation Loop Dreams Program, an inner city intervention program for under-served youth for over 6 years. “The Genesoul Music Lab” in Hollywood, California, is Haskel’s production and writing component. He has produced and written for some of the industry’s most captivating artists such as Kanye West (“Another You”), Judith Hill (The Voice, Michael Jackson), Chaka Khan, Raven Symone (Just Fly Away), Smokie Norful (Life’s Not Promised), the late Wayman Tisdale (Grateful), and many more. With arms that reach into each facet of music, television, film, education, and live shows at Genesoul Productions behind Logan Arceneaux, we foresee tremendous growth in Logan’s future.

Logan was a volunteer that assisted and performed with Ne-Yo’s Compound Annual Giving Tour under the direction of Haskel at the Los Angeles Boys and Girl’s Club and other events such as Newfilmmakers of LA, 16th Annual Back 2 School Stop the Violence-Think Education-Put God First, Youth Empowerment-4 Destiny Workshop and more. Haskel believes in teaching his artists to give back to the community and teaches this through many venues. Logan very much enjoyed this experience and had a great time with all of the children who attended. Logan Arceneaux was interviewed by Mike Precise in August 2013 on Rawe Feed Radio.As Mike asked Logan "What can Hollywood expect from the first single you put out?" Logan replied "Hollywood will LOVE it. I can assure all of my fans that not only is my single original and catchy, its fun and will be remembered.

Logan is hardworking, dedicated and passionate about her singing. She loves how singing makes her feel and hopes to inspire others. Logan was raised to chase her dreams and develop a strong work ethic to attain them. With a good mix of singing, school, family and friends, she is doing just that. Logan’s dream is to sing and tour for all of her new world wide fan base.

Logan has many “collaborations in the works”. She is getting ready to release her next single, “Play Me” feat Al D. Al D was recently signed with Roc Nation. Logan is working with DJ Daxsen in South America. Their new song will add a twist to Logan’s style and former releases. “Expect more collabs and singles to be completed in the next few months” for Logan is almost half way to completing her first album per her management team. Singles will be released to fans through different media outlets while we await the completion.

About Haskel Jackson
Haskel Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Genesoul Productions Inc. And the A.D.C. (Artist Development Company) where he develops and produces seasoned and emerging artists from all musical backgrounds and genres.