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Logbook Loans from ‘Mobile Money’ Helps UK Car Owners Unlock the Cash in the Car


Worcestershire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2012 -- With the current global economic crisis, people around the world are experiencing turmoil on a number of levels - financially, emotionally and even physically given issues with most country’s medical coverage.

To overcome these financial issues, thousands of people throughout England and Wales have already turned to Mobile Money, the UK’s leading lender of logbook loans. Founded in 1998, the car logbook loans company provides car owners with the extra money they need in less than an hour and only requires a few readily available documents. With 33 convenient branch offices spread throughout the UK, customers can simply visit the location of their choice, provide their car logbook and few other items, and drive away in their car with a same day loan. Additionally, customers with bad credit do not have to worry about not qualifying for a loan as the company does not require a credit check.

Addressing financial problems and solutions quickly and effectively, Mobile Money is rapidly becoming the No. 1 choice for people to obtain logbook loans in the UK.

Featuring same day loans, the company offers a simple four-step process to help car owners unlock the cash in their car.

People can apply online or call their nearest branch office for an immediate free, no obligation loan offer. Next, they can visit their local branch and bring their logbook (V5) and MOT, insurance details, evidence of their income and identity, and two recent letters or bills. Once the staff at Mobile Money has reviewed their data, they will go over the ins and outs of how the logbook loan works and answer any questions. Finally, they will receive their loan money and drive away. The company holds each customer’s logbook as collateral, but does not require them to forfeit their car.

Past customers are extremely pleased with Mobile Money’s simplicity and extremely quick turnaround time.

“I needed a small short term loan fast and with no hassle or waiting around for a yes or a no,” said past customer Liam Porter from Milton Keynes. “Mobile Money’s friendly staff gave me an answer there and then and within one hour I had the money in my hand. A great service that I would definitely use again.”

For more information about Mobile Money’s logbook loans, visit http://www.MobileMoney.co.uk/

About Mobile Money
Founded in 1998, Mobile Money is the UK's leading lender of logbook loans. With thousands of happy customers, the company currently has 33 branches throughout the UK and Wales. The company offers cash loans six days a week and can provide customers the money they need within 15 minutes of their first call.