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Logbook Loans Information Now Available from New Website LogbookLoanQuote.com


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- In the United Kingdom, logbook loans—also known as V5 loans—are bills of sales that secure loans on the vehicles of debtors. Logbook loans allow people to raise cash using their cars, and in the event that the car’s owner cannot pay the loan, the company can repossess the vehicle without involving the courts.

Individuals across the United Kingdom have now started turning to one new website, LogbookLoanQuote, for information regarding logbook loan eligibility, how to secure logbook loans, and more. The website recently celebrated its launch, and since then, it has helped many people understand logbook loans—a branch of finance which has been distrusted for years. LogbookLoanQuote offers its visitors no-obligation logbook loan quotes at no cost.

The most visited part of LogbookLoanQuote.com is the website’s blog, which provides detailed articles about various logbook loan-related topics. All of the articles offer unbiased information to readers.

For example, in the article “Pros and cons of Logbook Loans,” LogbookLoanQuote explores the advantages and disadvantages of signing up for a logbook loan.

“There are many views regarding logbook loans—while it is popular to some, others have found it overrated,” states the article. “Depending on your needs and financial capacity, a logbook loan can either work to your advantage or lead you to a financial disaster.”

In addition to listing the benefits and drawbacks of logbook loans, LogbookLoanQuote provides an explanation for each reason. In this way, readers can make informed decisions about logbook loans.

Residents of England and Wales—and sometimes Northern Ireland and Scotland—who are 18 years of age and older are eligible for logbook loans. Loans can range between 500 pounds and 50,000 pounds, and interest rates are usually around 400 percent APR.

Individuals interested in learning more about logbook loans can visit LogbookLoanQuote for more information.

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LogbookLoanQuote is a consumer focused website that aims to deliver all the latest and most relevant information about logbook loans in the United Kingdom. The website’s goal is to be a trusted resource and completely transparent in a sector that is sometimes viewed with suspicion. Aside from providing all the vital information consumers need to be aware of, LogbookLoanQuote will also provide anyone interested with a free logbook loan quote. For more information, please visit http://www.logbookloanquote.com