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LogbookCentral.com Launches Logbook Loans for People with Poor Credit Scores


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Logbook loans can be an extremely fast and straightforward way to borrow money for those who own vehicles. The loan is secured on the car, which means that almost anyone with a vehicle in his or her name can be approved for the loan. This can be a vital lifeline for people with poor credit or who have otherwise been refused loans elsewhere.

One logbook loan website that has been getting a lot of attention recently is LogbookCentral.com, a UK based logbook loan company which has built up a substantial reputation for connecting people with fast, fair and straightforward logbook loans.

The logbook loans from Logbook Central go up to £20,000, obviously depending on the value of the care they are secured on. They are available to anyone who owns a vehicle and has a source of income. As long as they meet those conditions, and they live in the UK and are at least 18 years old, they are extremely likely to be approved for a loan from one of the lenders at Logbook Central Loans.

In addition to connecting people with lenders, LogbookCentral.com is replete with useful editorial content about logbook lending. The site is packed with all the information that borrowers need to know before entering into a loan agreement.

A spokesperson from the website said: “Logbook lending can be extremely useful for people who have had credit problems in the past. Even people with catastrophically bad credit who may have had problems with bankruptcies in the past can still borrow money with logbook loans. Logbook lending is also an extremely fast way to get cash. Usually a traditional loan application process will take at least a week, and it could take even longer depending on the circumstances. It also involves a massive amount of paperwork. Applying for a logbook loan involves minimal paperwork requirements and the money could be lent within 24 hours. Logbook lending also helps people with poor credit to borrow much larger sums of money than they would be able to elsewhere. For example, most payday loan companies will only approve loans of up to £1000. At LogbookCentral.com you could be lent up to £20,000!”

About LogbookCentral.com
LogbookCentral.com is a UK based website connecting vehicle owners who wish to borrow money to lenders willing to give logbook loans.

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