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LogmeOnce Offers PowerfulMulti Factor Authentication to Businesses in CO

Sub-headline: Based in Colorado, LogmeOnce provides businesses with multi factor authentication that can help protect customer credentials.


Englewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2018 -- LogmeOnce offers safe and reliable multi factor authenticationthat helps customers. It advocates multi-layered and secure approach for defense building. Its 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is offered along with military-grade AES encryption. The LogmeOnce system also uses 26-layer encryption method to offer superior grade protection.

The multiple security layers of LogmeOnce ensure a well-rounded security umbrella that is designed to offer ease of use, security and end-user convenience. The company uses 2FA instead of 3rd party USB sticks. 2FA is a perfect solution. A traditional password serves as a traditional method of security and authentication. But it is built on a 1-layer defense strategy. A single password is essentially weak and its reliability depends on how diligent and smart users are. With multi-layered security, users can be assured of the most superior security practices.

The best selection of 2FA techniques can be assured with LogMeOnce. 2FA from LogMeOnce can ensure the best encryption and data lockdown. Users can get their own encryption key. Once they login with their initial password, LogmeOnce can send a second password to them through an option that they select.

2FA or Two-factor Authentication happens to be a reliable security technique that lets users get a 2-piece identification method. Thus, users can utilize a 2-layer defense strategy to keep their credentials protected.

The multi factor authentication from LogmeOnce can be easily relied on, given that LogmeOnce is a landmark password management and security system. This is the sole online security company that gives Dropbox file encryption, a hardware USB key comprising of extra data storage, software for the management of passwords and more.

LogmeOnce serves as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that has a vital security suite comprising of various e-security applications, cryptographic applications, productivity solutions and products. The company sells and markets its solutions directly across the globe, and through different partners. The executive management team of the agency, in the last 20 years, has got an international esteem for unique security solutions based on standards. It has got many international and national industry awards.

About LogmeOnce
LogmeOnce offers Identity Management (IdM), Single Sign-On (SSO), multiple Password problem solutions, Cloud Identity Management, Cloud Security, Web based SSO and more. The company offers security solutions that inspire a lot of confidence.

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