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Lollytout Seeks Help Creating Custom Made Modern Day Cinderella Shoes -- An OOAK Piece of Art


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Some happy endings really are all about the perfect shoe. No one understands this better than hand made shoe company Lollytout, who is currently expanding its business of providing hand painted shoes by creating a fundraising campaign on indiegogo.com for their online application to customize shoes.

Shimrit Manor – Pfeffer founder of Lollytout, had a dream of finding affordable shoes made especially for her. She didn’t just want any pair of shoes, she wanted a unique pair of high quality, one of a kind shoes. She searched and searched until she decided it was time to stop searching and start creating.

“As a customer who loves shoes, I always believed I deserve more for my money: More femininity, more sophistication, more presence and more color. I believe that the customers deserve the extra effort!” Manor -- Pfeffer says.

Lollytout was the business that grew from this dream. According to indiegogo.com Lollytout” has brought together leading experts from the footwear, arts, and color industries to create Lollytout – limited edition hand painted shoes. The company does not import or use an assembly line. Each shoe goes through an intense shoes fashion application which means each shoe is individually painted by hand and goes through several accurate processes until the moment it is sent to the specific client for whom it was created. Lollytout’s clientele includes everyone from famous singers to blushing brides.

According to the indiegogo website, Lollytout is the first business in the word that can create OOAK shoes by order from an online application at an affordable price. Now, Lollytout is ready to take their company to the next level. Their website is getting a makeover and they are creating a new online application where women can design their own shoes or bags with their own design idea that will then be created by the Lollytout design and artistic team into custom portable works of art. In order to launch a quality product and marketing campaign, Lollytout is asking for backers to help raise funds. Donations range from 1 to 1500 dollars. Each donation to this fundraising campaign comes with some exciting perks. For example, a 200 dollar donation gets a custom designed pair of shoes with a personalized design and text element.

About Lollytout
Lollytout creates original designs for limited edition hand painted shoes and bags that can be customized for their worldwide customers. Lollytout relies on green production practices and a commitment to originality and authenticity. For more information, visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lollytout-hand-made-designed-painted-shoes/x/5713415