Lon Hodge and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for Their Suicide Awareness & Prevention Campaign "Fetch: Travels with Gander"

The objective of this project is to fund a suicide awareness & prevention journey across America & create a book celebrating the lives of veterans & trauma survivors fighting home-front battles.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- "Fetch: Travels With Gander" will feature 22  interviews with the families of veterans lost to home front battles with PTSD and trauma recovery and bridge sections containing Post Traumatic Success Stories of survivors of Trauma: war, accidents, and sexual abuse.

Since the publication of In Dogs We Trust (a successful Indiegogo funded campaign) Gander, veteran traveler Lon Hodge has traveled 17 states in service to veterans and trauma survivors. They have visited dozens of hospitals, community groups, and businesses advocating for veterans, trauma survivors, service dogs, and alternatives to suicide.

This next book will personalize 22 of the stories of the 8,000 veterans lost to suicide annually in America. During the journey, they will chronicle the post traumatic successes of those who have won their battles with pain and isolation.

The project team lead by Lon Hodge need monetary support to travel to interviews and to take care of gas, room and board during the travel. They also need a few items prior to departing: suicide prevention and awareness brochures, PTSD and service dog literature, a simple movie capable camera, and portable Bluetooth speakers and microphones.  With adequate support, the team is looking forward to spreading hope, educating the general public and lowering the suicide rate among veterans and others through education and greater awareness.

The funding budget for this project is $8,000.

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