Pulse Light Clinic

London Based Clinic Offer Rosacea Sufferers Free Initial Consultation

Rosacea is a chronic and relapsing skin condition, the condition causes redness and pimples to appear. Rosacea is common on the face but can also appear on chest and neck.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Pulse Light Clinic is a well established clinic, the clinic has been in business for more than two decades and is conveniently located in Fenchurch Street, London.

Pulse Light Clinic is a short walk from several tube stations including Monument, Bank and Tower Hill. To treat rosacea the clinic uses a mixture of intense pulsed light (IPL) and dietary changes. On their rosacea diet page the clinic say, “Over the past eight years here at the Pulse Light Clinic we have seen that following a rosacea diet has produced mixed results. Most of our clients are City workers who are time pressured to say the least and have very little time to adhere to strict dietary demands. Consequently we have devoted considerable resources to supplementary research for Rosacea and have worked closely with nutritionists to find the most applicable supplementation to be used in conjunction with IPL for the control of the condition.”

Doctors are not sure what the causes of rosacea, it is thought to be heiredatary and most commonly affects women with blonde hair and fair skin in the 30-40 age bracket, sufferers are most commonly from Northwest Europe, it can affect people of other ethnicities and of course men too. Although women are more likely to suffer with rosacea men that have the condition tend to suffer worse symptoms.

Rosacea does have several known triggers, the symptoms can be caused to breakout when the sufferer is exposed to alcohol, caffeine, some skin care, cosmetic products and medications. Exposure to sun and wind will also cause rosacea to flare up. Pulse Light Clinic say they have worked with many clients to identify dietry triggers and found that the most common foods to cause flare ups are: tomatos, oranges, lemons, raisins, figs, bannanas, sweet peppers, vinegar, garlic, eggplant and spinach. For more information on rosacea triggers visit this page.

The clinic offers a free initial consultation and special introductory rate for new clients, they can be found at 150-152 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 6BQ, just a short walk from Bank, Tower Hill and Monument tube stations. The clinic is open 6 days a week, click here to learn more about the clinics location and transport links.