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London Clinic Offer State of the Art Tattoo Removal

Until the invention of laser technology if you had a tattoo you didn't like you had two choices, keep it or have a scar where it used to be. Thanks to laser this is no longer the case and one London clinic has invested in the very best laser technology.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- In order to understand how tattoo removal works we need to know a little bit about how the tattooing process actually works, when you get tattooed the artist uses a machine which injects insoluble ink up to 3,000 time a minute into the dermis, the dermis is the second layer of skin underneath what is called the epidermis (the skins outer layer). So when you look at a tattoo your actually seeing it beneath a layer of skin. The ink has to go into the dermis to make the artwork permanent.

It is important to remember that tattoos are meant to be permanent, think long and hard before getting a tattoo because removing them is not easy even with the very best laser technology and not everyone's skin will be suitable for the treatment. Removing the ink with a laser involves using high energy light bursts, these light bursts break up the ink enabling your body to remove it.

One London clinic offering laser tattoo removal has invested in Lynton Luminette Q-switched, they say “it is the gold standard”, Q-switching refers to the lasers short and high energy bursts of light.

As mentioned above laser removal is not suitable for all types of skin and some ink colours are harder to remove than others, the ink cannot be removed in one treatment typically it takes 6-8 sessions to completely remove most tattoos.

Citytattooremoval.com are located in central London, the clinics website has a very good faq which will answer all your questions about laser removal, they offer a free initial consultation and patch test. It is very important you choose a clinic that offers a patch test if you are considering laser tattoo removal.