Pulse Light Clinic

London Clinic Offers Non-Invasive Skin Tigthening Procedure

A laser clinic based in Fenchurch Street, London is pleased to offer non-invasive pain free skin tightening.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- As we begin to age our skin loses its plumpness and firmness. This aging creates wrinkles and loose, unsightly looking skin. Until recently the only way to reverse these inevitably signs of aging was with invasive surgery, the problem with the more traditional types skin tightening procedures through invasive surgery is that they are often expensive, they have a long recovery period, recovery from these operations can take weeks and be painful. Surgery is always slightly dangerous too.

If you would like younger looking skin but are put off by the above issues associated with cosmetic surgery one London clinic has good news for you. Pulse Light Clinic are based in Fenchurch street, central London, the clinic have been offering laser procedures such as hair and tattoo removal since 2002 and they have very recently extended their services by investing in a revolutionary type of skin tightening procedure called Soprano XL skin tightening. The procedure uses NIR (Near Infrared) technology to heat the skins dermis layer this produces collagen to give the skin a plumper, firmer appearance.

On the clinics website they give a short description of the procedure, they say "During treatment a cooling gel is applied to the skin and an NIR head-piece is massaged over the target areas continuously. This is done initially to heat the skin to the right temperature in order for it to work 39-42 degrees. Then the temperature is maintained for a further 10-15 minutes."

A slightly more in-depth explanation of the treatment is available in this video.

Pulse Light Clinic say that the treatment is so quick that many of their clients visit them during their lunch break. The clinic is very conveniently located within a few minutes walking distance from 6 tube stations and within 15 minutes walk from several rail stations such as Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street and London Bridge.