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London Clinic Offers Weekly Tips to Help Rosacea Sufferers

People who suffer with rosacea, a chronic and hereditary skin condition with no known cure can now get weekly advice from a clinic that has spent many years researching the condition.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- There is currently no cure for rosacea but there are various forms of treatment that sufferers can turn to in order to minimize the symptoms. By minimizing symptoms they will be able to reduce flare-ups and lead a normal life. One London clinic has been treating benign skin conditions for more than two decades, they have put considerable amounts of research into the condition of rosacea and received numerous testimonials from clients whose lives they have transformed.

One of the clinics clients recently said that she found the clinics staff to be friendly and offering helpful advice. On this page the client says, “started Treatment last summer at the clinic on a course of 6 to get my Rosacea under control seen a good improvement already.”

Pulse Light Clinic, a London based specialist clinic has recently launched a weekly rosacea newsletter. In their newsletter which is available at no cost the clinic will be inviting experts to share their findings on rosacea

Many sufferers find using gentle skin care products that contain soothing ingredients such as Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Seaweed can help– these are effective ingredients for treating rosacea. It is also important that sufferers avoid peppermint skin care products, alcohol, rub-off peels and exfoliating scrubs. When going in for a facial, wax or any other form of beauty treatment, sufferers should not be afraid to communicate with the esthetician and tell them that they have rosacea.

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Without the treatment, the skin condition can worsen. Anyone who thinks they may have rosacea should seek the opinion of an experienced medical professional, Pulse Light Clinic is pleased to see walk-in clients with no appointment necessary. The clinic is located at 150-152 Fenchurch Street, London and has excellent public transport connections. The clinic is on several major bus routes and within walking distance of several tube and rail stations.

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