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London Clinic Says Their Laser Treatment Gives Long-Lasting Hair Removal Results

Nearly everyone has hair somewhere but the only place it is usually wanted is on the head. For many women and probably most men too hair removal is a regular ritual. Laser technology can almost eradicate nuisance body and facial hair for most people.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Before laser hair removal hair removal rituals involved shaving (which can cause in-growing hairs), waxing (which is painful), threading or applying creams. A lot of people practice two or even more hair removal methods. One London clinic says their clients are finding they can permanently stop the annoying hair removal rituals thanks to laser treatment.

The laser removal process uses high energy light bursts, these light burst actually destroy hair follicles that are located beneath the skin, hair removal using laser is very long-lasting, permanent in many cases. Pulse Light Clinic say that after 4-6 sessions most of their clients see very minimal hair growth on the treated area.

Pulse Light Clinic always tell their clients that laser hair removal treatment doesn't remove the unwanted hair instantly, about 10 days after treatment the dead hair will just fall out.

Pulse Light Clinic have invested in the latest laser hair removal technology so can even treat with very dark skin, they believe they are the only London clinic to offer treatment via 4 different types of machine.

Pulse Light Clinic have been specialising various laser treatments, including hair removal for more than 2 decades, the clinics staff are highly trained and experienced in the use of laser technology. The clinic is located at 150-152 Fenchurch Street, London see more location information here.