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London Dental Implants Office Does Not Believe in Dentistry


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- The Travers Dental Practice would like nothing more than to do away with dental care and practice.

“This may sound strange, but there is a reason behind it,” said a spokesperson for QLM Business Solutions marketing for the practice.

Their point is simple. The best dentistry is making sure there is no need for full service dental work. Preventative maintenance, including regular checkups, flossing and proper dental care at home will be more than sufficient to keep teeth, gums and mouths in good shape.

“We only have one set of teeth. If these are gone, there is no other teeth that will fill in behind them,” said the spokesperson, “it is wise, therefore, to have regular checks.”

Travers Dentistry is a full-service, family dental practice. The dentists and staff see a variety of patients from children to adults and offer a variety of dental service to meet their needs.

All regular dental care and practice prices are set by the Department of Health in the U.K. These practices include regular cleanings, xrays and fillings.

Regular, standard dental care is vital to overall health. Poor care of teeth can lead to a variety of health problems, including acid reflux disease, sinus trouble and hypertension. Travers Dentistry can oversee, treat and help maintain family dental needs.

Besides regular treatments, Travers Dentistry has some cosmetic dental services as well for example dental implants in London service.

ZOOM™ Teeth Whitening System is a popular treatment o lighten and whiten teeth for a healthy glow and smile. Using a combination of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, this program removes unsightly stains on teeth.

Travers also offers veneers, crowns and white fillings that blend into the tooth, removing the appearance of the silver amalgamate.

“Contact the office to see what specialized care you may need. There are plenty of programs and options available for interested parties,” continued the spokesperson.

There are some instances when severe cavities and decay cause more than just the surface of the tooth. For individual teeth, implants are necessary. Travers dentist offer one of the best dental implants in London.

“An implant is normally a single tooth a few teeth that are then anchored into the jawbone. This is a more permanent solution than dentures,” said the spokesperson.

Dentures are removable appliances. They have to be taken out and washed nightly. The dental office will teach denture wearers how to properly care for the dentures.

“Specialized care is necessary for dentures. Wearers have to avoid toothpaste, harsh cleaning products and the like,” said the spokesperson.

There is much more information about Travers Dental and their services on the website. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit

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