London End of Tenancy Cleaners Says Landlords Should Include a Cleaning Deposit Deduction Clause in Tenancy Agreements

Landlords in London need to take action against the increase in cleaning deposit disputes says a London cleaning company.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2015 -- Landlords in London and around the UK are facing a growing end of tenancy problem. The number of landlords who have reported their property is left in an untidy state with some in a state of disrepair has increased in recent years. Although some tenants leave the property in a shocking state, they still demand their deposit back. London End Of Tenancy Cleaners says this has to change, and landlords should include a cleaning deposit deduction clause in all tenancy agreements.

One of the biggest problems a landlord faces when a tenancy comes to an end is the property being left untidy and requiring professional end of tenancy cleaning services. The second problem is deposit disputes.

According to recent reports, cleaning issues account for 53% of all deposit disputes between the landlord and the tenant. This growing problem, which has increased by 13% in the past three years, can cause the landlords profits to be affected.

Even though a tenant leaves a property untidy, they still demand their full deposit back. Some tenants claim the property was untidy when they moved in, and that is why landlords need to take steps to combat this. By hiring a London end of tenancy cleaning company to clean the property and then having the tenant agree with their signature the property is clean, the cleaning disputes will reduce.

A spokesman for End Of Tenancy Cleaners said: "As well as having a tenant agree the property was clean when they moved in, they should also include a cleaning clause in the tenancy agreement."

According to the professional cleaning company, fewer properties will be left in an untidy state if the tenant knows they will lose some of their deposit. It will also reduce the number of cleaning disputes between the landlord and the tenant.

Although it is important that a landlord should hire a tenancy cleaning company before the next tenant moves in, they should not be forced to pay extra when a tenant leaves it in a bad state.

End Of Tenancy Cleaners London has become one of the most recommended cleaning companies for landlords and letting agents requiring their property being made ready for the next tenant.

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