London Inventor Launches Kickstarter to Build Printer

First 3D 4-Color Printer Set to Revolutionize 3D Printing


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- In 1959, the Xerox machine revolutionized how copies were made, becoming the standard of photocopying and replacing former duplication methods such as carbon copy paper and mimeograph machines. 2D printing is so last century. Imagine going to the copier with a design, pushing print and having in hand a three dimensional version of the design? Or taking a sonogram to the copier and printing a life size replica of your soon-to-be newborn? Science Fiction? Not since London inventor Felix Chen set about to revolutionize the 3D printing world making science fiction science fact.

3D printing is not an unknown in 2014. Just as in the regular photocopy development process, black and white printing was the standard until color was developed, monochrome printing is the current standard for 3D printers. Recently there have been attempts to bring 3D printers further with color printing, but so far only 2C printers have come to fruition and those haven't really had the color results potentials 3D printer adopters had hoped to achieve.

About Xerox Machine
This printer is the first of its kind to be able to work with a 4 color CYMK process with unique color blending hot-end extruders that provide accurate color blending.

The Kickstarter team loves this project so it has become a staff pick! The campaign is seeking out friends, family, and others interested to scream it from the rooftops… or tweet about it. Rewards for angel investors helping this developer with production costs will receive their very own 3D4C printer, with top level givers receiving one before the public with special engineering support and even modifications. They are even marked with a Special Edition serial number to secure that they are limited gifts for high level gifters. A unique birthday or early holiday gift for the hard to buy person on one's Christmas list. Definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

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3D4C PRINTER - The first CMYK 3D color printer

Contact: Felix Chan
Title: Inventor