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London Laser Clinic, City Hair Removal Now Offering Thread Vein Treatment

Laser is a non-invasive technology, with few side effects and one London clinic is having great success using it to remove thread veins


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- City Hair Removal is a well established clinic based in London, the clinic treats more than 240 clients a week. City Hair Removal is pleased to offer treatment 6 days a week and stays open late, until 9pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Firdays.

The clinic is extremely pleased to now offer non-invasive thread vein treatment.

The condition effects more than 50% of women and 40% of men. Women tend to suffer with thread veins more because of hormonal changes caused during the menopause and pregnancy. Thread veins are caused when valves become weak and allow blood to flow back into the vein, the condition is most common in the legs because they are furthest from the heart but it can happen on other parts of the body too.

Traditional medical treatment of thread veins can include invasive procedures such as phlebectomy, endothermal ablation and sclerotherapy because these treatments are invasive they of need anesthitic and can cause side-effects.

Laser treatment offers thread vein sufferers a non-invasive solution, City Hair Removal say that they can use laser to treat: Spider Naevii, Blue/Purple thread veins that are up to 4mm wide and Facial Telangeictasia.

The clinic say that at least 3 treatments are usually required to remove thread some but some clients have seen their thread veins actually disappear before their very eyes.

The clinic uses mixed modality lasers to treat the condition, mixed modality lasers are 3x more effective than traditional laser treatment because they cause an increase the bodies production of something called methemoglobin.

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City Hair Removals has been offering laser procedures for more than a decade, the clinic is staffed by only experienced professionals and is located just a short walk from many tube stations including Tower Hill, Bank and Monument.