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London Laser Clinic Offers Big Savings on Tattoo Removal


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Laser tattoo removal is a completely non-invasive procedure, this means it leaves no scaring and doesn't have any real side effects. With this kind of treatment laser light is used to breakdown the ink that has been injected into the dermis layer of a patients skin, once these tattoo inks have been broken down the patients body can safely remove them.

Before laser technology tattoo removal without scaring of the treated area was impossible. Procedures such as dermabrasion would slowly remove the epidermis layer of skin with very fine grit surgical sandpaper, many of these invasive procedures are still available but why would you choose them when laser can be so much more effective?

City Tattoo Removal are a specialist tattoo removal clinic based in Fenchurch Street, Central London. The clinic uses state of the art laser equipment. The machine they use for tattoo removal is called the Lynton Q-Plus Series, the clinic use this laser because it has 3 output wavelengths. The Lynton Q-Plus Series allows all tattoo colours and pigmented lesions to be treated and removed effectively.

City Tattoo Removal have been offering several laser procedures including tattoo removal since 2002, the clinic is very proud of their staff and laser equipment. City Tattoo Removal employ fully qualified nurses that are highly experienced in when it comes to using laser technology for all kinds of procedures and treatments that include skin tightening, procedures to ease certain medical conditions, hair and of course tattoo removal.

On their website the clinic say “The core function of our clinical team is focused on the delivery of photo based skin treatments, with special emphasis on skin improvement and dealing with skin imperfections.”

City Tattoo Removal offer a completely free initial consultation and patch test this will give you an estimate on how long it will take to remove your tattoo and ensure you suffer no adverse effects from laser tattoo removal. For more information on any current discounts and offers just drop into the Fenchurch Street, Central London-based clinic or visit www.citytattooremoval.com.