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London Laser Clinic Say Men Should Consider Laser Hair Removal Too

The process of laser hair removal uses high energy bursts of light to destroy the roots of unwanted hair, due to the way the process works it can provide very long lasting results. City Hair Removal is a London clinic with state of the art laser technology, the clinic is pleased to treat both male and female clients.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- City Hair Removal is a laser clinic, conveniently located in the City of London just a short work from 6 tube stations on and several bus routes.

The only place most women want to have hair is on their head but in this day and age it is becoming more fashionable for men to be hair free too, one London clinic say that they have noticed laser hair removal becoming increasingly popular for males.

What is laser hair removal and why is it so popular? Laser hair removal is a process where unwanted hair is removed by exposure to pulses of laser light, this light targets melanin which is located in the hairs root, by targetting this melanin the light destroys the hairs root. Because laser hair removal destroys the root it helps to ensure that the results are long lasting, say most clients even experience permanent results.

Laser can be used to remove unwanted hair from most parts of the human body. City Hair Removal say that many of their female clients commonly use the technique to treat the face (lip, chin, jawline) legs, bikini area, underarms, back, shoulders, chest and abdomen. The most popular areas for their male clients are the back and shoulders which is why they have launched a new offer targetted specifically at males.

The advantages of laser hair removal for both men and women are long lasting usually permanent results, speedy treatment, less painful than waxing and the ability to treat large areas. For more information on the process visit

In the initial consultation one of the highly experienced staff at City Hair Removal will be able to decide on the best form of treatment for you, your skin and hair type, the clinic is open from Monday to Saturday and offers a free initial consultation including a patch test to all potential clients.

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