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London Rickshaws Excels in the Outdoor Advertising Scene

Sustainable and eco-friendly rickshaw company in London; rickshaws for hire, promotions and outdoor advertising.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- If you’re a fan of the rickshaw scene in London, it’s surely a given that you will have heard about London Rickshaws. A family-run business, this pioneering company is changing the face of the rickshaw industry in the capital. With a strong fleet, all featuring their advertising bubble they’re so well known for, maximising all surface areas, this company is going from strength to strength. Because of their ability to satisfy so many of their clients’ demands, it is no surprise that so many are looking to work with this company. With their website set to launch next month, there has never been a better time to research the possibilities of outdoor advertising in the capital, with London Rickshaws. With their knowledge and passion for the field, you really get the personal touch with this company.

Seeing the city from a new perspective, as is achievable by riding a London rickshaw, is not an opportunity to be passed by. And because they have retained their novelty aspect, they are still guaranteed to grab people’s attention. That’s why you need to advertise your product or service on one of these pedicabs. With their obvious care and attention to the environment, there is absolutely no carbon footprint with these vehicles as they are purely people-powered. Keeping in line with green media is paramount to London Rickshaws, so this only goes to cement their reputation as an environmentally-aware and great-value modes of transport. When you’re promoting your product outside, especially as summer begins to wind down and the colder months set in, it’s never been so important to make sure your message is placed in the most appropriate place.

If you’re thinking that as times get colder, people will be less likely to walk, instead favouring a taxi or indeed a bus, this only adds to those that will view your promotion. Because the average speed of a car in London is around ten miles an hour, the rickshaws ensure you get to your destination on time because they are, technically, a bicycle, which means they can use the cycle lanes. Whizzing past the numbers of people on buses and in taxis, wishing they were on the move instead of in their fifth traffic jam in ten minutes. Instead, longingly gazing out the window, they will see your just what is hot right now on the London advertising scene. And these is where London Rickshaws do what they do best. Offering weddings, team events or just a tour around London, there is something for everyone at one of the longest-running rickshaw companies in London. Providing their customers with a top-class range of eco-friendly rickshaws, London Rickshaws should always be your first port of call.

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