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London Stone: Passionate About Improving the Ethical Credentials of Imported Stone


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- Before stone is welcomed at UK depots, so many people have already been involved in its journey – some at the faces of the quarries while other in factories, stockyards and involved in distribution. Many people across the country have rising concerns about the ethical credentials of imported stone – including one of the UK's leading natural stone supplier, London Stone, whom constantly strives to ensure that they are doing all that they can to improve conditions. When it comes to importing stone, there is so much room for improvement in a range of different areas, for example; child labour, working conditions, health and safety and workers' rights.

Here's two amazing ways in which London Stone are currently amazing in combatting the issues:

No Child Left Behind – London Stone are huge supporters and one of the main finders of No Child Left Behind, a scheme which aims to create Child Labour Free Zones in India where most of our Indian sandstone setts are made. This project also aims to ensure all children are able to access education.

The Forrest Trust – Last year London Stone joined The Forrest Trust, a programme that has been designed to better the lives of the people working in stone quarries and factories. This trust is striving to help those across Europe that are currently facing things that we all take for granted; no child labour, no workers' rights and more.

A spokesperson from London Stone was incredibly keen to comment saying, "We want all our customers and clients to know that we are incredibly passionate about improving the stone industry and how it operates, and urge all who are all also holding concerns to assist with these charities also. We constantly strive to help others within the industry and always update people regarding process made on our Twitter account."

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