London Tech Start Up Reinvents Navigation Industry


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- As the number of cyclists in UK continue to increase, so has the Innovation of electric bike increase distance range so users need safe navigation throughout the city.

Until now cyclists have had to rely on navigation GPS device from their mobile phones screen or bike navigation screen computer to get to different points of interest. This can be quite distracting and can contribute significantly to the risk of accidents.

Gravity8 is a wearable technology smart neckband GPS navigation device sync via Bluetooth to a smartphone GPS-based navigation app. The device communicates directions to the cyclist through vibrations in either the right or the left hand side of the neckband, indicating where he should go.

Gravity8 is the brain child of Technology Engineer and Inventor, Erick Bulatowicz, who also created a similar navigation system for the visually impaired. When asked what inspired the creation of the Gravity8 device, he said: "I live in London where people rush every day to meetings, events or meetup groups every day. One day I was rushing to get to a tech event because I did not want to be late. I was looking at my mobile Google map for directions while trying to cross the street. I lost complete awareness of my surroundings and did not notice a bus that was coming very fast. Luckily, an old lady alerted me just in time. It was a near miss and the next morning I woke up with the idea to create navigation device that helps users navigate to their destination safely."

Unlike the average GPS system, Gravity8 is distraction free and provides a solution for safe navigation throughout a cyclist's journey. The device has been shortlisted for the Virgin Business #Voom Pitch to the Rich Award 2015 and is also a semi-finalist in Verizon's Powerful Answers Award 2015 for finding solutions to global issues.

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About Gravity8
Gravity8 is the brain child of Technology Engineer and Inventor, Erick Bulatowicz