London's New Underground Farm Leading the Way to Hydroponic Revolution


Wakefield, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2016 -- A group of engineers have built an incredible underground farm, 100 feet below the streets of London in an unused air raid shelter below the Northern line and have commenced trading to the London hospitality market, providing fresh herbs and produce to an array for restaurants and eateries in the Capital. The farm, also known as Growing Underground is set to revolutionize the way Briton's produce and procure food, providing an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to mass production and is an incredible example of how to reduce the carbon emissions within the supply chain, leading by example in both the UK and worldwide.

The farm is home to a complex hydroponic growing system which enables the produce to be grown without soil using LED lighting and propagation systems. Growing hydroponically has numerous benefits and gives green fingered enthusiast the ability to control the levels of nutrients the plants and herbs receive, as well as giving more control over the yield of the produce.

As the London underground farm highlights, hydroponic growing can be done absolutely anywhere at all, and with space limitations, it is still possible to achieve successful grows with a small balcony or window kit.

A spokesperson for Hydroponica commented "The London Growing Underground farm is a great example of hydroponics changing the way we think about producing and purchasing food and with the pressure being on to find ways of reducing our carbon emissions, the farm cuts out all extensive delivery costs by providing all their products within their geographic locality. We truly hope to see more and more hydroponic initiatives and companies like this to truly revolutionize the whole production process."

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