Long Awaited Indie Thriller "Misirlou" Scheduled for Limited Web Release Campaign


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Locally shot independent film "Misirlou" will be releasing the entire film for free on the internet beginning on March 1st. The 85 minute feature film will air as 15 episodes on YouTube and Facebook during a 30 day Kickstarter Campaign. The goal of the Campaign is set at $26,000.

"Misirlou" Producers expect the release to improve their fan base and achieve the finishing funds needed to successfully exploit the film.

The film has been in production for 2 years. It is fully shot with the entire script in the can. Editing is also complete. Funds are for a professional sound mix, Eric Roberts music rights, Eric Roberts Visual Effects and a cinematic score. In exchange for pledges, "Misirlou" offers T-Shirts, Posters, DVD/Blu-Ray bundles, as well as higher rewards such as Tickets to Premieres, Producer Titles, Co-Starring Roles and even the motorcycle used during filming.

A new teaser is to be launched on the Fangoria website to kick off the web release campaign on April 27, 2014.

About the Production
The "Misirlou" process began in 2010 when the adrenal gland drug in "Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas" came to mind while showing a painting of masked savages attacking a victim. It took a full year for writer Trevor Simms to pen the script. Deciding not to wait, Trevor casted himself as the lead and began shooting with a DSLR. He ut together a small teaser and met a $5,000 Kickstarter goal. With every credit line he could take out he started shooting the script.

Scheduling with no budget made the large cast of actors difficult to schedule. The live Los Angeles locations were challenging to shoot in.

Production used all their get out of jail free cards. All of the stunts were performed on live LA city streets. Two motorcycles were crashed during filming. The crew went through three cameras.

About the Release
During the 30 day campaign a new episode will air every two days. Each episode will be lightly censored from nudity and gore. To see the film in its entirely uncensored theatrical version viewers are encouraged to visit and enter their information at

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