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Long Grove Orthodontics Expert Says Two-Phase Orthodontics Is Used Too Often

Long Grove orthodontics expert Dr. Gary Klein disagrees with the increasing number of patients undergoing two-phase orthodontic treatment and explains why.


Gurnee, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2011 -- Seven and eight year olds are getting braces now, and Dr. Gary Klein, a Long Grove orthodontics expert, thinks that some parents may be spending more money and putting kids through longer treatment times unnecessarily.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, around 1990 the orthodontists' association began encouraging the screening of seven year olds, which started the trend of early intervention and two-phase orthodontic treatment.

Klein's treatment philosophy at Affiliated Dental Specialists, an orthodontics and pediatric dentistry practice, is to strive for one comprehensive phase as the norm.

"When children undergo orthodontic treatment at a young age, it is usually part of a two-phase treatment plan - braces now and braces again later in adolescence," said Dr. Richard Port, a children's orthodontics provider at Affiliated Dental Specialists.

Research shows that just 10 percent of young patients treated actually receive a significant, lasting benefit from a two-phase approach though.

Port and Klein do recommend children with malocclusions like an underbite or a narrow upper arch undergo early treatment because that type of problem is much easier to correct while the jaw is still developing. In some cases, kids with crossbites may benefit from early treatment.

"Two-phase treatment can make a huge impact on life for those patients," said Klein, who is an expert in braces for adults and children.

Class II malocclusions- an overbite or "buck teeth" - are the most common and the type of condition where Klein and Port prefer to use one comprehensive phase of treatment. Because, even if these patients do get braces at eight or nine, they will usually need braces again later and there is no research that suggests the latter treatment is easier or faster.

"Our reasoning behind one-phase treatment plans is to help save the parents money and keep the patients from wearing orthodontics for longer than absolutely necessary," said Port, Lake Villa Invisalign provider.

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