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Long Island Dog Walkers, Suburban Pets Announce Reasons to Hire Professional Walkers

Long Island Pet Sitters, Suburban Pets Announce Reasons to Hire Professional Walkers.


Massapequa, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Long Island Dog Walkers, Suburban Pets recently launch a new webpage on their website giving reasons why homeowners with pets should hire a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter.

Kennels are a good option for people who own pets but must travel either for business or pleasure. Placing the pets on kennels is better than leaving their pets alone at home. On Long Island, dog walkers and pet sitters are the new trend. It is essentially the same as getting a baby sitter for your pet. Just like babysitters, professional Long Island dog walkers and sitters can either stay at home or come occasionally to take care of the dog.

Why hire professional Long Island pet sitters?

1. Less traumatic for your pet

Pets experience trauma as much as you do. If owners transport a pet to an unfamiliar environment such as the kennel, they may feel uncomfortable, afraid and anxious. This will reflect on their behavior. They may growl, bark or claw on the way to the kennel or long before owners can get them into your car. Though a pet is fine riding with its owner, they need to adjust quickly with the environment. Get accustomed to the smell, sight and smell, and most of all they need to adapt to the “strangers”

All of this mess can be completely cut out if pet owners hire Long Island dog walkers and sitters. Pets stay at home in a familiar environment. Only the sitter or walker will be unfamiliar to him, which is relatively easy to adjust.

2. Uninterrupted routines

With in-home pet walkers or sitters, it allows pet owners to have more control over their pet’s activities and routines. Kennels often have activities or routines far different from the pet’s schedule. If the pet stays at home, owners are free to make the schedule of activities that their pet will follow. The sitter or walker will just follow the instructions before they go on their trip.

Some kennels will accommodate any specific schedules set for the pet. However, they can expect a much higher bill.

3. More personalized care

Kennels usually take care around 20-30 pets all at once. Many of them provide excellent service and care. However, if owners need more personalized care for their pet, it is time they consider hiring professional walker and sitter. Nothing still beats having someone personally taking care of pet when owners are away.

By hiring professional Long Island dog walker or pet sitters, Suburban Pets, owners can have peace of mind before and during any trip because knowing someone is looking after their pet gives you peace of mind.

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